Downtown Menu

MenuOpen 7 days a week.
Serving food Sunday - Thursday, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m., Friday & Saturday 'till Midnight.

PLEASE NOTE!  Online orders CANNOT be taken.  Please call or fax order in.
Phone: 850-469-1001, Fax:  850-469-0082
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Daily Wing Specials  (Ask your server.)
Dine In Only

Extra Dressing - 50¢
Plain or Spicy with your choice of BBQ / HOT / MILD / TERIYAKI
TO GO:  6 Wings - $5.59 or 12 Wings - $10.99

Hub Munchies

Chips & Salsa and or with Hot Cheese - $4.99

Hub's Hummus (Homemade) - $6.49
Served with toasted pita chips. (Extra pita chips $1.00)

Stuffed Jalapenos (Cream Cheese) - $5.99

Basket of Onion Rings - $5.99

Basket of French Fries
- $2.99

Loaded of French Fries
- $6.49 / Small - $4.49

Mozzarella Sticks
- $5.99

Corn Fritters
- $5.99

Fried Portabella Mushrooms
- $6.49

Ask about  Hub's Sampler
Choose 3 Wings, Mozzarella Sticks, Fries, Onion Rings, Mushrooms, Stuffed Jalapenos, Fritters - $6.99

Chicken Quesadilla
- $7.99

Artichoke & Spinach Dip
(Served with tortilla chips.) - $5.99


A different soup is made every day.  - $4.79
Ask for daily specials.

Soup and ½ Sandwich - $8.49
This does not included the following sandwiches:
La Rua, Club, Cuban, Chase, Main Street and Cheeseburger.


Hub's House Salad - $4.99
Fresh salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, alfalfa sprouts and pecans served with your choice of dressing.

Chef Salad - $8.29
Fresh salad greens topped with loads of diced turkey, ham, cheddar, Swiss cheese, cucumbers, carrots, alfalfa sprouts and pecans.  Served with your choice of dressing.

Stuffed Tomato - $8.69 / With Shrimp - $9.29
A fresh tomato stuffed with your choice of our homemade tuna or chicken salad served on mixed greens with carrots and cucumbers.  Served with your choice of dressing. 

Chicken Salad - $8.29  (The Locals Favorite!)
The best you've ever had!  A creamy blend of grilled chicken, onions, celery, apples, grapes, pecans, seasoned mayo, herbs and spices served on a bed of mixed greens with tomato and cucumbers.

Tuna Salad - $8.29
Delicious with celery, dill relish, onions, mayo, salt and pepper.

Mexican Chicken Salad - $8.29
A grilled chicken breast marinated in Mexican herbs and spices over a bed of salad mix topped with diced onions, tomatoes, shredded cheese and Hub's new Mexi ranch dressing.  Served with toasted pita.

Shrimp Salad - $8.99
Shrimp salad, onion, bell pepper and homemade Creole Mayo served on mixed greens with tomato and cucumbers.  (A little spicy.)

Salad Trio - $8.99
Your choice of three (3) of our homemade deli salads served on mixed greens with tomato and cucumbers.  (Chicken, tuna, shrimp or potato salad.)

Blue Cheese, Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard, House (Cilantro-Citrus & Vinaigrette)
(Extra:  Dressing - 50¢ / Bacon - $1.00 / Cheese - 50¢ / Jalapeno - 75¢)

Specialty Burgers - ½ Pound

Hubba Bubba Burger - $9.79
Sautéed mushrooms, gravy and Swiss cheese.

BBQ Cheddar Burger - $9.79
Topped with fried onion rings, BBQ, lettuce, tomato and cheddar.

Portabella Mushroom Swiss Burger - $9.79
Fried Portabella mushroom on top of a ½ pound burger with Swiss cheese, Ranch, lettuce and tomato.

Loaded F.F. Burger - $9.79
Topped with French fries, nacho cheese, bacon bits and sour cream on the side.

Cheese Burger - $8.49
Hub's delicious ½ pound cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

Hub's Outstanding Sandwiches

All sandwiches are grilled with garlic butter and come with pickle, chips or potato salad.
Substitute sides:  French Fries - $1.00 / Onion Rings - $2.99.
Split charge - $1.00

French Dip with Au Jus - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29 / Extra cheese - 50¢
Lean Roast beef on a lightly toasted hoagie served with a side of Aus Jus.

Chicken Tender Basket
- $7.29
Served with French fries and a side dressing of your choice.

The Palafox
- $8.29 / ½ - $5.79
Thinly sliced lean pastrami piled high on lightly grilled rye bread topped with melted provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and spicy mustard.

The Tarragona - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29
Loads of smoked turkey piled high on lightly toasted wheat bread with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and Hub's dill mayo.  Delicious!

The Alcaniz - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29
A pita bread of alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and tomatoes with Hub's original chicken salad.

The Spring Street - $8.99
It's a pita with a bed of alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and tomatoes.  This time we stuffed it with Hub's shrimp salad -- a mix of seasoned shrimp, chopped veggies, herbs and spices and a special Creole mayo.

The Baylen - $7.29 / ½ - $4.99
No meat on this one.  Loaded veggie sandwich.  Lightly grilled wheat bread piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, alfalfa sprouts and your choice of cheese.  Hub adds his homemade humus and dill sauce to make this perfect!

The Chase - $7.99 / Add bacon for $1.00
Grilled chicken with provolone, lettuce, tomato, dill mayo served on a toasted sesame seed bun. 

The Garden - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29
Turkey, bacon, cheddar and ranch.  Served on a toasted hoagie roll.

The Twelfth Avenue - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29
Our homemade tuna salad served on lightly toasted sourdough bread and topped with melted cheddar cheese.

The Big "Dirty" Dog - $5.99
How about a ¼ pound all beef hotdog topped with melted American cheese, sauerkraut, relish, onions, mustard and ketchup.

The Cuban - $8.49  (The Locals Favorite!)
We take tender roasted pork, fresh cut banjo ham and smoked Gouda cheese — grill it up hot and fresh with spicy mustard and dill pickles.  You've got to try this one!

The Main Street - $11.69  (Feeds 2!)
Lean tender ham, fresh sliced roast beef, Swiss cheese and topped with lettuce, tomato and dill mayo. Add smoked turkey, provolone cheese, more lettuce, more dill mayo and two slices of bacon.  All this on three layers of toast and cut into ¼'s.

The Hubba Bubba - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29
Our lean Roast beef grilled on a fresh hoagie budded up with sautéed mushrooms, beef gravy and topped with melted  Swiss cheese.  Comes with a side of horseradish.

The Government - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29  (The Locals Favorite!)
Lean, tender ham grilled with good OLE' American cheese melting out of a hoagie Roll.  Top it off with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and a touch of dill mayo.

The Bayfront - $7.99 / ½ - $5.29
Lean Roast beef topped with melted Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, dill mayo and grilled to perfection on a hoagie roll.  Served with a side of horseradish sauce.

The Romano - $8.29 / ½ - $5.49
The classic Ruben. Lean corned beef topped with melted Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut, one of a kind Thousand Island dressing and served on lightly grilled marble rye bread.

The ½ LaRua - $8.69
Lightly grilled Muffuletta loaf stuffed with salami, ham, bologna and melted Provolone cheese.  It's Hub's own olive salad that makes this one special!

The Hub Club - $10.69  (Feeds 2!)
Ham, smoked turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss and cheddar cheese served on a triple Decker style on lightly grilled sourdough bread brushed with dill mayo.  Highly recommended!

Kids' Menu (90 and under)

Corndog with French Fries - $5.29

Chicken Tender Basket with French Fries
- $5.99
Served with a dressing of your choice.

½ Grilled Cheese with French Fries - $5.29

½ Peanut Butter & Jelly with French Fries
- $4.99